What Are The Utilities In A Hilux roof console?

Buying a Hilux car or any other 4wd is always a great investment because it gives you a ton of space and the flexibility to travel on pretty much any surface. Though many people tend to use it on paved roads, it’s real strength lies in the control and navigation it gives you on unpaved and rough surfaces, thereby making it a great choice for off-roading trips and a family picnic through the Great Australian Desert.

That said, a car alone may not be sufficient for the most part especially if you plan to take it for long trips or off-roading trips frequently. That’s because the car is just a basic version and doesn’t come equipped with the parts or accessories that are necessary to make it a smooth driving experience for you and the passengers onboard. This is why there are a ton of Hilux accessories available in the market to choose from and the best part is you can even customize them to meet your preferences and likes.

One such accessory that is quite popular among Hilux car owners is the Hilux roof console. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look into what a Hilux roof console and why is it essential to make driving a pleasant experience for you and your loved ones.

What Is a Hilux Roof console?

First we will what Hilux Roof Console is?  Simply put, a Hilux roof console is an accessory that you often see above your head in many cars that make it easy for you to turn on lights when needed, adjust the AC in some cases, store your things safely, and more. It is an addition that resembles something like an elongated box and is often located at the roof of the car.

There are many types of Hilux roof consoles sold in the market today, though they can be divided into two broad categories based on where they are mounted in your car. If the Hilux roof console is mounted right in the middle part of your car’s roof, it is a center roof console while the other is a front roof console, which is mounted on the front, just between the driver and the passenger’s seat.

The choice between a center and a front mount depends on your preferences, use, and your car’s model. For example, if you have a pickup truck that can accommodate only two passengers, it makes sense to mount it right at the front, so you or the passenger can access the controls on it at any time.

On the other hand, if you have a large SUV and tend to travel a lot with your kids who will sit at the back seat, then a center mount is the preferred option as it can be easily accessed by everyone. So, the choice between a center Hilux roof console and a front depends on your car and preferences.

This discussion is sure to bring up the important question of why you need a Hilux roof console in the first place. It is a sensible question as you should spend money only on those accessories that add value to your car and your driving comfort. That’s why in the next section, we’ll take a brief look at what are some of the utilities that can be attached to a Hilux roof console, so you can make an informed decision accordingly.

What Are The Utilities Present In A Hilux Roof Console?

In reality, there are many choices available when it comes to utilities on your Hilux roof console. Here are some of the broad choices available for you.

  • Radio – One of the biggest utilities of a Hilux roof console is the radio insets that you can fit into it. Depending on how loud you like and where you want to place the radio, you can choose a radio surround, insets, and more.
  • Microphone – A microphone has become an essential feature for today’s drivers when they have to take calls while driving. These mics connect via Bluetooth and can allow you to talk into it when needed.
  • Frames – You may have to add more frames to the sides if you plan to fit in a relatively small radio or surround your Hilux roof console. While a standard radio may not need any frames, a small radio may need one to pad up the sides.
  • Storage box – One of the most important utilities present in a Hilux roof console is the storage locker box. This is a handy place to store your headphones, keys, mobile charger, and other small things that are important and yet can get lost easily in the vast expanse of your car. Moreover, this is a safe place to keep them, especially if you have small children who may tend to play with these things while you drive. The best part about this storage box is that it is well-lined to ensure that your items don’t rattle when you drive through off-road conditions. A bonus is your storage locker box won’t get scratched as well.
  • Door lights – Door lights are another important utility on your Hilux roof console. You can set these lights to turn on when the door opens and this is a great way to ensure that your doors are closed properly before you start driving. Also, these LED lights can double up as a reading light for those sitting at the back and this can be a helpful utility when you drive long distances. These lights are fairly bright and can be used to find small things in your car too.

Thus, these are some of the utilities that could be attached to your Hilux roof console. Even a mere glance shows how useful the additions of these things can be to your overall driving experience. And the best part is that mounting this Hilux roof console is a fairly easy job and you can even do it yourself if you’re an expert and have the right tools on hand.